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Do you enjoy teaching English? Would you like to work in a professional education website is a priority? What do you think about working from home? And now, we’d like talk to you about the job, which has a lot of opportunities to develop your teaching career and earn money online in your spare time.

We are www.daykemtainha.vn, is a well-established website and mobile app in education & tutor, recruiting certified and much experienced teachers/ESL instructors for rewarding teaching English online. We only have placed 20 foreigner teachers in this great job. We are highly appreciate your experiences and knowledges in English, especially within online tutoring.

There are many English teachers cooperating with us for a long time, because they recognized the benefits we offered us much better than required as:

  • Regularly update the new class information at our website/mobile app.
  • Experienced teachers are easily to approach the available classes by the priority of Consulting Dept.
  • Payment method: Banking transfer by monthly, weekly or after class (daily).
  • Commision rate for each class enable to 25% pay off in first-month tuition fees.

If you are interested in these benefits, have a degree, CELTA, TESL or TEFL Certificate and two years post-certificate teaching experience, please visit our page: www.daykemtainha.vn, or register as a member in mobile version which you able to download at Google Play (CH Play) with Android, or App Store with iOS.  

We are looking forward to see your portfolio in further time. Please upload a copy of CV, teaching certificates TEFL/TESOL, degrees, passport and some new photos via to the link – “Become our tutor”: https://www.daykemtainha.vn/dang-ky-lam-gia-su, or create the tutor account in “Become our tutor” with our mobile app – “Daykemtainha.vn”.

tuyển giáo viên dạy kèm tiếng anh online

About us:

Daykemtainha.vn – we are not only bring to the most effective solution for introducing the tutor for students and their parents (no deal with teaching on our website and mobile app), but also become the connecting center for placing a call to Hotline: (84+) 90 333 1985 – (84+) 98 787 0217, or click to website: www.daykemtainha.vn , or download our mobile app – Daykemtainha, one of the most correct and fastest online tutoring softwares in Vietnam.

From some simple steps to handle on mobile app, the student will choose the suitable tutor and pre-register for 02 sessions with that tutor, and if not appropriate, the student will be advised to choose another tutor. Tuition fees have to be paid from the first session after finishing the trial period in study between the student and tutor.

*Here is the tutor contract sample of us, please click on the link as below:


And if you have any questions about this job, please kindly contact us at email: info@giasutainangtre.vn or leave a message into chat box on our website.

Thank you!

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